About Route 301

You’re definitely wondering, ‘Maitland, how did you come up with such an impressive, creative, simply ingenious name for a blog page?’ Well thanks for asking! This blog is based around Bus Route 301 in Mackay and additionally my pledge to only share my deepest thoughts, opinions & beliefs as I catch the 301 bus each day, to & from university or work. This is all in the name of productivity. Prepare to be entertained as I share my ideas with you at my lowest point. Now you must be thinking, ‘But you’re such a smart, handsome individual, why do you catch the bus? It must be for the environment!’ Well to that I can say, ‘No!’ After recently blowing all my money on a holiday in Japan off the back of my first successful year trading on the ASX, I can confidently say my car has now broken down and I have no money to fix it. But thanks for seeing the best in me.

Head over to the ‘Blog’ tab to enjoy the beginning of my forbidden love affair with the mistress we call Accounting & my thoughts on uni life.